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WEB technology

Massive up to provide services by applying Web services to build applications and services to each other piece together multiple Web services. And mash-up service, you can retrieve and display information using the network service to view and analyze information at the same time location information and map information and numerical information based on search results, and related video content . BTC is owned by this technology, gives a high benefit to the user. Services like these is not as corporate information as a customer, etc. through the website of the company, has achieved a variety of services every day.

■WEB services advocated by the BTC
BTC is making effective use of technology Script of server technology, the capacity retention, will provide seamless integration between the server and content, providing a common network of Internet as a tool.
BTC WEB service is aiming to achieve by the Internet community to use and functional complex in the Internet services and content, to reduce the cost of development and operation, such as profits rise enough to the user as a site, WEB this provides technology services to everyone.