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Spring Framework is not intended to force a particular programming model, in the Java community has been used alternative (EJB) model Enterprise JavaBeans, substitution, as added.
By design, this framework has a high degree of freedom of developers Java.
Features, are provided a rich set of functionality enhancements and improvements for building Web-based applications Java Platform, on the Enterprise Edition. This is the reason why the adoption of by us.
Provides all that you can meet the challenges that developers face when trying to use the database from the application, the framework of the main access data in Java. That is, for example, Apache Cayenne[2] JDBC, iBATIS, Hibernate, JDO, JPA, Olacle TopLink, Apache OJB[1].

Our strong point is related to the Flash technology, which is a combination of products and enterprise of Adobe Systems, Inc. provides.

Flash technology and application development
Development and consulting company at the core Flash technology as the only professional services of enterprise products (formerly Macromedia) Adobe Systems Incorporated. Perform systems development and consulting business processing in combination with the following products: JAVA, various frameworks (O / R mapping, Web services, Web apps), etc..
- Flex
- Flash Media Server (FMS)
- RIA (rich Internet Application)


Have the resources and personnel can make effective use of core technology.
1. DB interface technology and Built-in technology DB, DB design
2. Smart switching to HTML Flash technology until now, from XML
 (Safety of Information Security)
3. Smart screen operation


FMS is a product of rich Internet applications and Web sites, that provides communication between multiple users with audio, video, and real-time data. This product has been developed in order to achieve a dedicated streaming media, rich media messaging, real-time collaboration, the development of a single mosquito that can be custom developed its own communications solutions developers can incorporate into existing Web sites and applications to achieve the environment.

Introduction of Flash technology of BTC -- And examples of (Abund Co.,Ltd.) company cooperation
- FLASH3D Panorama (light tower project)
OEM-supplied library of its own
- FCS platform library
- Flex technology


Flex Builder 3 Standard, as well as step must be performed through intelligent coding and interactive debugging, and data products and services, such as LiveCycle Data Services ES also supports data integration and product group Creative Suite 3, refactoring, ASP.NET provides support for advanced data connection.
The effective use of these products, providing application development.