Privacy policy
Privacy policy
We have to provide a variety of information services to customers, you may be allowed to take advantage of your personal information. Therefore, in the use of personal information, you are responsible for managing the proper and strict protection. We believe, but we have been committed to protecting personal information from conventional, and further progress in the broadband era, it is important to be able to properly manage the information about an individual, fundamental for the protection of personal information the compliance program shall be developed in accordance with "the requirements of the compliance program on personal information JISQ15001", declared the following policy.
■Personal information
What can not be able to identify a specific individual such information including name, date of birth or other description due to, you can easily match with other information, it is possible to identify a specific individual it says.
■And provide for the collection and use of personal information
Collection of personal information, when available and provide, along with its purpose to limit as much as possible, to comply with the Code and other laws and regulations regarding personal information.
■Management of personal information
When managing personal information, place the person responsible for the management, with appropriate management to do, strive to prevent outflow to the outside. In addition, the loss from unauthorized external access, personal information, destruction, against the risk of falsification, or leakage of prevention, along with the completeness of safety measures to prevent such appropriate and reasonable level, the risk of accidents and take corrective action promptly for.
■Use of Personal Information
Use of personal information, unless to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, so as not to impair the rights of our customers can be done by paying careful attention.
■About the compliance program
Compliance program, to improve continuously along the change in the situation in the future.
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