Information Security
Basic policy ISMS
Broadband Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as the "Company") is the aim of realizing a ubiquitous network society a safe and secure to make effective use of broadband technology. Order to continue to contribute to society, you are able to recognize and set the goal of social responsibility to protect information assets strict, established as one of the important business activity the management of information security, to carry out as follows.
■The goal of information security
The Company will aim to reduce below a predetermined level of acceptable risk, the risk of potential loss and damage to information assets.
■Scope of application
Targets the assets involved in the information under our control, all business activities.
■Applicable laws
The Company will comply with the Code and other laws and regulations on information security guidelines, established by country.
■Business continuity management
Our business continuity plan, maintain, and will continue to improve on an ongoing basis.
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