Developed in-house product offerings

POD is to be provided with a custom order to achieve a function in meeting Breeze Live, and Pod are provided in standard is different from custom Pod. Pod only standard is available, etc. If you do not meet your needs or if the operation is difficult to match the available form, the specification of standard Pod.

Flash-Beans Advance
Flash-Beans Advance(FBA) program is a Web solution that FMS3(Flash Media Server3) like to take advantage of the capabilities of the latest version.
Extension was developed as an improved version of the system Flash-Beans conference WEB. As user friendly features, we enrich the functionality delivered all at once recording function and conference materials.
Web conferencing system(Two-way communication)
Distribution system all at once
Two-way whiteboard feature
Chat feature
Conference registration materials Conference registration materials(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, JPG image)
Web conferencing image User authentication screen
Flash entry:
Leading to a terminal at the entrance to use Flash to Flash collaboration environment.
Reservation screen
Flash Reservation:
Send mail to the reservation of conference participants and Flash.

Estimated price from 200 million yen in the server base license.
Also possible to customize the development (such as LDAP) authentication system of the customer. Soon, will be released demo site.