news2011-12-01 Conclusion of a dispatching basic contract and a entrusted business contract with Sundai Advanced Teaching Technology, Xware CO., LTD
news2011-12-01 BTC personnel where belong to Sundai Advanced Teaching Technology company. start dispatching business.
news2011-09-01 Dispatching entrustment personnel where have for technical know-how of Web development for certain advertising company. Dispatching entrustment development personnel for a certain game development
news2011-08-01 Dispatch estrustment of maintenance personnel with SGI Japan, Ltd. for the International Nuclear Fusion Energy Research Center at Rokkasho-mura in Aomori
news2011-04-01 Renewal of a entrusted business contract and dispatching contract with SGI Japan, Ltd. entrusted development of BIGLOBE foundation(dokodemo server function)
news2011-01-12 Conclusion of entrusted business contract with NEC Corporation
news2011-01-12 Conclusion of development a basic contract and a dispatching contract with NECST company
news2011-01-12 Entrustment of a part of Web base design
news2011-01-12 Entrustment of a part of Biglobe Infrastructure Development