Introduction/Development Results

Background and history of the development package
2011 Dispatch personnel development for certain pharmaceutical-related IT company
NEC System Technologies for
  ・Cloud management consulting
  ・Foundation for continued development contract Biglobe
  ・Dispatch personnel for continuation Biglobe
SGI Japan, Inc. for
  ・Dispatch personnel continued development FLEX
  ・Contract personnel dispatch for Energy Laboratory Murahara Rokkasho fuel
  ・Dispatch on-call maintenance personnel continue
Other:Development projects commissioned
  ・Dispatch contract personnel for companies export software development
  ・August NEC Infrastructure Development Contract termination Biglobe
  ・Dispatch contract personnel steelmaker certain development
  ・FLEX development contract for a certain company SNS
2010 Package development clinical trial data collection system for certain drug-related IT company
FLEX-related development for certain electrical equipment manufacturers
Dispatch services for companies setting HW Dekomu Service Japan
Business support for SGI's Japan, dispatch personnel continued development FLEX
Dispatch personnel continue developing for certain pharmaceutical-related IT company
2009 Continued development contract
Clinical laboratory data acquisition system development for certain drug-related companies SI
FLEX consulting work for a certain electronics manufacturer
FLEX development work for certain manufacturers equipment sales
SNS development company for a certain security assistance
  WEB site modification work
  WEB membership registration system development
Using a state-of-the-art FLEX, framework (Spring), the Oracle DB Joint development work carried out by medical management system package tool environment
The development of the first system delivery management system
The second package development, package development contract tertiary
-The end of November、-March 31, 2009
Submission requirements specification and project plan in the development package
Contract Package Development
Development package for medical research company certain
Using the FLEX, migrated to the support of the UNIX environment of C/S type of information sharing system mainframe
Information sharing system for major construction company
Information under the System at Oak
-December 28, Following completion of the test delivery system first
The second system contract(-February 20, 2007)
The third system contract(-March 30, 2007) Local installation work started tuning test
Work commissioned SV field test
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Center for Transportation Systems plant
Taiwan High Speed Rail project development from contract request that participation
UC system complete view of DWS
Local installation work started tuning test
Work commissioned SV field test
Research projects commissioned in advance of the Display System Operation and Management

Flash on with the (now Adobe) Macromedia, which is the origin of our establishment
Entrusted with a variety of business development as part of the Professional Services

NEC Biglobe for video streaming
Web conferencing for office equipment Japan improvement work
Embedded "Breeze" for whiteboard NTT West
Delivery system for NEC Biglobe
Web conferencing system for Seiko Instruments Inc.
NEC System Technologies for
Manufacture custom audio and video for delivery POD "Breeze"
October- E-learning for the transition to Benesse
November- Migrating to a Web conference for office equipment in Japan
November- Migration to Web delivery system for broadcast New Year's NEC
BB The introduction of TV conference system
Transportation costs in overseas business, reduce communication costs (100 million yen)
A tool for communicating with employees and agents abroad
Commissioned the development of SII as a starting point the SIIT.
To develop from February until September, is complete cooperation MIDWARE. SSL, SSO, basic cooperation OA, function calls, screen sharing, complete embedded.
Conferencing system to help you begin the construction of TV SII are effective measures yen afford to contribute to the work and communication cost replacement of the VPN
Begun to introduce TV conferencing system evaluation available on the Internet for the purpose of overseas business travel expenses, and reduce communication costs SII
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