Introduction/Development Results
Development Results
November 2009
Continued development contract
SI-related companies for certain chemicals
 Clinical data collection system development
FLEX consulting work for a certain electronics manufacturer
FLEX development work for certain manufacturers equipment sales
SNS development company for a certain security assistance
 WEB site modification work
 WEB membership registration system development
NEC System Technologies
 FLEX Help Desk
 FLEX system design work
NTT DoCoMo, KDDI for
 Maintenance contract of 24 hours (Dekomu service in Japan)
 24-hour on-call maintenance (ditto)
Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba for business development
Certain major electronics manufacturers
 WEB membership registration system
 WEB site improvement work commissioned members
FLEX development for SGI Japan
SI-related companies for certain chemicals
Next delivery a clinical data collection system
 Contract modification to the package system work
Consumer finance company for a certain big
 Screen corresponding portion of the production system commissioned some financial
SI company Bow (Package Development map)
 Work commissioned system map data input
Certain telecommunications companies:Shinagawa
 Development contract for the Carrier (Flash lite)
August 2008
The development of the first system delivery management system
The second package development, package development contract tertiary
-The end of November, -March 31, 2009
Contract electronics manufacturer business development DB access from
Under development at the global ace
Commissioned work from carriers switching from the old system
Under development at the global ace
Submission requirements specification and
project plan in the development package
Contract Package Development
Contract Management System - The end of August
Survey company commissioned the development package for certain medical
December 2007
GIS system improvements completed construction work commissioned
Digital Earth signed with the company business schemes on the effective use of Google EARTH
Contract modification work load verification NEC Biglobe
Business relocation, adjustment, installation and hardware maintenance and installation companies (Professional Network Consulting) PNC
Outsourcing contract
(To March 2008) commissioned the development (Web-ERP) GRANDIT
NTT DoCoMo Development Contract(-March 2008)
NEC commissioned software development(-March 2008)
Installation, adjustment, and business relocation and installation hardware maintenance solutions SGI Japan Division
Outsourcing contract
Consignment contract for hardware maintenance and Oak Information Systems, Inc.
Messaging system improvement work commissioned SGI Japan
Contract work for various verification SI company
Verification network
Verification network physical layer
Verification network load
Logical network configuration verification work
Flash for certain delivery company, DRM systems, contract management services consulting projects
Flex development services contract for a major communications company information
Using the Web ERP package development services contract (for Softbank)
Town plan and regional disaster prevention-related intra-regional Minamiboso (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Yamatake-gun proposal Togane (Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Mail system introduced for the Database Society of Japan
Digital Map System, Inc. Contract for Digital Earth
Integrated system for contract development start major construction company WEB
Start joint development of GIS system construction
Joint development of information systems Oak, with the neo-GIS
November 2006
Information sharing system for major construction company
Information under the System at Oak
-December 28 Following completion of the test delivery system first
The second system contract(-February 20, 2007)
The third system contract(-March 30, 2007)
Information sharing system for major construction company
Outsourcing contract
Information Systems, Inc. via start work at Oak
For medium-sized construction company
Improvement of the CAD system contract work
GoogleEarth with the company effective use of Digital Earth
Contract development and disaster prevention map interface to the disaster prevention system
Town plan and regional disaster prevention-related intra-regional (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Rios's participation project, at Seiko I Infotech
-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Taiwan design project
Installation work is complete local
SGI Japan Sales start messaging system
Promotion Partner Program
SV field test project work commissioned from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Taiwan High Speed Rail
Oak Information System : JV
Taiwan High Speed Rail project
UC system complete view of DWS
Local installation work started tuning test
Digital Earth, Inc., from Silicon Studio, Inc.
Google Earth integration outsourcing contract
Fingerprint Systems(Bio-ID guard) distributor agreement
The United States Anaheim, the distributor in Japan
SGI Japan messaging system
Contract work on the Japanese over
Philips Electronics
Contract related business services related to PACS
Business Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plant transportation system
From the Taiwan High Speed Rail project
Display system developed at UC trustee of DWS JV
Oak Information System : JV
SGI Japan Trustee WEB-house systems
December 2005
Business Center, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plant transportation system
From the Taiwan High Speed Rail project
Research projects commissioned in advance of the Display System Operation and Management
Britain's support GORDANO: Contract for acquisition of right consulting work on behalf of SGI Japan messaging system
SGI Japan survey messaging system
Contract consulting work
-June Delivery system for delivery of NEC Biglobe
-July Japan Business Machines minute delivery improvement
-July Whiteboard for delivery POD NTT West
-August Web conferencing system for delivery provisional popular edition Seiko Instruments Inc.
Development contract from NEC System Technologies, Inc.
Undertake overseas production whiteboard compatible version
"FCS" development contract from Macromedia
January- NEC Biglobe video streaming for companies
February- Web conferencing for office equipment Japan improvement work
February- Built-in "Breeze" for whiteboard NTT West
-March Delivery system for delivery of NEC Biglobe
"FCS" development contract from Seiko Instruments Inc.
Using the system "Willcom" conference Web
"Anytime, with anyone, anywhere" delivery system development
December 2004
Development contract from Macromedia
Task of creating "Breeze" for whiteboard NEC System Technologies, Inc.
NEC System Technologies, Inc. for
Manufacture custom audio and video for delivery POD "Breeze" manufactured by Macromedia
October- E-learning for the transition to Benesse
November- Migrating to a Web conference for office equipment in Japan
November- Migration to Web delivery system for broadcast New Year's NEC