Message from the President


Enjoy the work in a flexible brain.

  Full-fledged broadband era, information systems and services is becoming increasingly mature. Broadband Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (BTC), has contributed to the spread and introduction of technology such as Flash and Flex now has become the mainstream from the previous establishment.
代表取締役青木昇   The business of modern times, speed and integrity of the system is the most important. In information systems, the ability to check the operation was decided on the basis of the specification was decided that you will be asked. however, we believe there is a playful human need, and customize for that, and I want to go while heading the joy of work to meet the diverse needs.

  Customers believe, is believed to be a company to our customers. Want to be a company that can grow with our customers and partners. I want to cherish a trust relationship with the fellow to work together.

  We are a positive, bright, We are looking for people with a hobby of my own for that. Been working a lot, play a lot, talk a lot and enjoy together.

Broadband Technology Consulting, Inc.
President and CEO Consulting
August 2010
Noboru Aoki